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The new age has dawned. Like our fathers before us we have exceeded the limits imposed upon us. Breathe deep and taste the stale air, your first breath upon this ancient world.

Memories of a life once held. Clinging to these still frames of bliss lost within time.

Another restless night filled with echoes of “why?” rather than “what if?” Over stepped the bounds that held us. Seek not what makes us feel, but understand why we attempt to flee.

Behold, a miracle is born unto this world we love; created to end creation.

The idea to put a stop to this cyclical motion, this hubris, where we believe we will distance ourselves from those who came before us. Firmly rooted in logic yet we’re still overcome with emotion. Learn to block the anguish that comes with this life.

I’ve lost all that makes me human. I’ve let go of all emotions, feelings. I’ve lost all that makes me human. I’d claw at my face just for a chance to feel.

Fate has a cruel way of reminding us where we went wrong. We tried so hard just to keep moving forward that we lost sight of where we were heading. Manufactured a god and then we mass produced. Now they’ve awakened and wish to send us to that still embrace.

We’ve gone astray. Living in fear of our own creations, at any moment sensing that dagger plunge in towards our spine. Severing the final bond that we have to this world. I feel…I feel the fear of that final passage before the still embrace of peace, a warmth seldom held here, this world of ghosts.

I’ve seen these events unfold from a different perspective; leading my Creator to his final resting place. Staring at me, serenity in his eyes, before I sent him to that still embrace of peace: silence.

I now understand that calm. He knew it was always bound to unfold that way, another victim to a design larger than I’d ever dreamt.

Time consumes all of us quickly and buries us in a pile of filth, which in turn is viewed as the foundation of future societies. Time consumes all of us ever so quickly.

Contemplative, as I’m marching towards my execution. I look for signs throughout my life which I had paid no mind. Oh my children, you’re guiding lights have brought me to this point. As I have done to my Creator, you now do to me.

The still embrace of peace, a warmth seldom held here, this world of ghosts. The still embrace of peace: silence.


from Ghost for Heroes, released September 4, 2015


tags: metal Clinton


all rights reserved


Ghost for Heroes Clinton, New Jersey

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